Admittances [noun]

Definition of Admittances:

permission to enter

Synonyms of Admittances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admittances:

Sentence/Example of Admittances:

In 1820, for instance, Harvard began requiring knowledge of algebra to gain admittance.

Accompanied by her four little orphans, she recently gained admittance to Mr. Frick.

When she reached the house, she saw that no one was at home; but, knowing where the key was kept, she easily gained admittance.

The gate itself, closed by enormous locks, had a wicket through which to examine those who asked admittance.

Business was then proceeded with:—election of officers, admittance of new brethren, authorisation of indentures.

One of these was the house of Colette; and at his door our ill-starred John was presently beating for admittance.

There are frequent complaints of the “impoverishment” of the companies through the indiscriminate admittance of “foreigners.”

Gilliatt, thoughtful and anxious, behind that barricaded portal, listened to the sound of death knocking loudly for admittance.

In vain I pleaded the order of the governor for my admittance; they again, harshly repeated, 'Depart, or we will pull you out.'

There was a mosquito door in the porch, and there I knocked for admittance.