Admitting [verb]

Definition of Admitting:

allow entry or use

Synonyms of Admitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admitting:

Sentence/Example of Admitting:

It was “serendipity,” she laughs, admitting that the idea came to her while speaking to a client — a large, burly man crammed into a small, decorated closet space.

Although the man who named misophonia admits the name is imperfect.

When I asked LoTemplio what kinds of things she would want to learn by looking at the brain, she admitted that “some might argue you don’t even need to look at the brain if you’re just observing these kinds of cognitive improvements.”

In a recent interview, Luhnow maintained he would have stopped the cheating “had I known about it,” admitting “it was bad” and “shouldn’t have happened.”

Point guard Kihei Clark participated in pickup games in Los Angeles, admitting it probably was a bit risky given social distancing protocols.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the settlement probably is the first time the city has admitted wrongdoing in a police misconduct case, and it also will include changes to police department policy.

In another missive, Kelly admitted the deal “does not hunt on financial grounds,” but for the company’s “critical” debit market, “we must always do what it takes to protect this business.”

Sony as much as admitted this when they bundled a dozen of the best games from the last generation with the PS5.

They need to admit to the wrongdoing, and they have to pay the price for that.

They also are at a place where the business model makes it very hard for them to admit vulnerability once they get that big.