Admixtures [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Admixtures:

She would have read no resentment there; the pale, sad face told of suffering, with no admixture of baser motives.

Also unmistakable signs of a greater or lesser admixture of black blood are numerous.

In the scales of the lyre called malaka the admixture, according to i. 16, is one of chrmatikon syntonon, according to ii.

They have also adopted his admixture of various styles and metres, suited to a changeful theme discussed by various speakers.

The sounds which he drew from the pianoforte were pure tone without the least admixture of anything that might be called noise.

In admixture it may safely be employed, as well as in fresco or enamel.

He will not allow the smallest admixture of insincerity or hypocrisy in what is, so far, a manifest work of God.

Upon all these varied elements the Israelites flung themselves, at first in hostile invasion, afterwards in friendly admixture.

It must be observed that all the copper articles met with are of pure copper, without the admixture of any other metal.

The proper meanings of this card have suffered woeful admixture from nearly all hands.