Admonishers [noun]

Definition of Admonishers:

honest critic or adviser

Synonyms of Admonishers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admonishers:


Sentence/Example of Admonishers:

Admiral Bluewater, my memory needed no admonisher to tell me that.

Jeanne listened dutifully to a long preamble by Maître Chatillon, and finally bade her admonisher to come to the point.

"Hurt him not," said his Highness to this effectual admonisher unto secrecy.

And I am not a guardian over you, to recompense you for your actions: I have only been sent as an admonisher.

The novelist found his admonisher in a low state of spirits, and he exerted himself to rouse him from his despondency.

"It is not I who say so, but your father who sent me," explained the admonisher from above.