Admonishes [verb]

Definition of Admonishes:

warn, strongly criticize

Synonyms of Admonishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admonishes:

Sentence/Example of Admonishes:

You must admonish him, John; a man of his principles, his pretended principles, is not suited for married life.

The factory had indeed become a charnel-house, it being useless for the chiefs to admonish their men to keep under cover.

The virgins admonish to walk in a spotless and pure conscience.

A true friend will admonish his erring brother, and if the erring brother has any sense at all he will thank his friend.

The woman kept one hand free to admonish him—by his beady eye he required it—and to tend a simmering pot.

If human action is determined by God, why does he punish, why does he admonish, and why does he send prophets?

Our host served us himself, running with sleeves turned back to admonish an imaginary cook.

As of a fault no man will admonish thee, if thou goest betimes to sleep.

We tell thee much, and remember more: I admonish thee thus much to know.

We tell thee much, and more remember, I admonish thee thus much to know.