Admonishing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Admonishing:

In one case, a federal judge in Manhattan admonished the NYPD for not having turned over evidence in a case where a man died after being tackled by police outside Yankee Stadium.

And he gave me a severe and admonishing look before going off on another and more urgent call that waited him.

Jerry nodded an admonishing head in the direction from whence the musical sounds had come.

And so I lay and watched and envied her and them, admonishing sand hoppers between whiles.

Those sudden pangs of the body seemed like over-forward confessors abruptly admonishing him.

“Ruth,” she changed, as the Flying W girl held up an admonishing finger.

The right hand which rose to take the cigar from Hall's mouth also lingered long enough to hold an admonishing finger to his lips.

I ordered the militia to march, after once more admonishing the insurgents in my proclamation of the 25th of September last.

One such man was admonishing the driver of a big wagon, on which was a large case.

Although I write to Luisito admonishing him to flee from temptation, I am already certain that he will fall into it.