Admonishments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Admonishments:

And the ancient sages said: "Blessed is the man who gaineth admonishment by the evils of others."

She flushed violently and obeyed Judge Townsend's admonishment that she must answer all of Marvin's questions.

As it was, I got a vigorous admonishment in French profanity, which is feathery stuff, practically harmless.

This gentle admonishment restrained but little the overflow of healthy good-nature.

He ceased upon a note of impatient admonishment, then, when Lucinda remained silent, changed his tone.

"No, we can't sit still," they cry, heedless of her admonishment.

The sensitive and impetuous girl required no such admonishment.

It was evidently in their blood, for nothing, no amount of teaching and admonishment, could get them out of it.

No taking of myself aside, no weight of private admonishment, no bringing of my spirit within the white glare of pure reason.

Naturally she gained more by yielding herself to Jim's caresses than by any direct advice or admonishment.