Admonitions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Admonitions:

The more he thought of the Jews admonition, the more he was at a loss to divine its real purpose and meaning.

The prophet's admonition to the Jews in Egypt against idolatry is not regarded: he denounces to them their destruction.

In the background is seen the profile of his wife, as though uttering her solemn admonition against the impending crime.

He will travel but few miles from Calais, before he will understand the necessity of this admonition.

"Och, there's nae harm meant," returned Annie, taken aback by the old woman's admonition.

At the entrance below, as OLeary was passing curiously out, he caught him with a sudden restraining clutch and a low admonition.

Whether this admonition was given or not, the Emperor was respectful and polite, but non-committal.

Anxious, to excess, to bring them up in orthodox nurture and admonition: and this is how they reward me, Herr Feldzeugmeister!

This admonition to seek the guidance of unbiased scientific observers is deserving of special emphasis at the present time.

The Sergeant hastened off, with a parting admonition to him to keep still if he knew what was good for him.