Adobes [noun]

Definition of Adobes:

sun-dried brick

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Sentence/Example of Adobes:

In the high desert of northern New Mexico, this adobe property in the village of Abiquiú boasts sweeping vistas of the Chama Valley.

He saw nothing of the red car, and presently the square walls and flat roof of an adobe house broke on his vision.

There was an adobe house on the flat, a corral, and other evidences of a rather extensive ranch.

The little adobe at the desert well leaped at them and fell away behind with the swiftness of thought.

Gila Bend had exasperated him because it was not the town it called itself, but a huddle of adobe huts.

The ceilings of all the rooms were supported by unhewn beams, five or six inches thick, deeply inserted into the adobe walls.

Two miles away, in the middle of the plain, appeared a ruin of adobe walls, guttered and fissured by the weather.

The southern Indians lived together in huge fortresses, built of sun-dried bricks, called adobe.

Chub, in despair, dropped over against the side of the house and banged at the adobe wall with his clenched fists.

They had expected trouble when they reached the vicinity of the adobe church.