Adolescents [noun]

Definition of Adolescents:

person in puberty, preadulthood

Synonyms of Adolescents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adolescents:



Sentence/Example of Adolescents:

Both styles and variations of them circulate widely in New Zealand among children and adolescents.

Adolescents listening to the latest songs stimulate the demand for popular sheet music.

In addition, this advertising may be harmful to those juveniles and adolescents with whom this Committee is primarily concerned.

The starting wage for adolescents is often somewhat high, and thrift is not practised by them.

A few years hence, these adolescents may be in the ranks of those who complain of their inability to obtain homes.

In a word the deaths of adolescents from suicide have more than doubled in the last thirty years.

French ideas of sex relationship between adolescents seem to me now as they did then, absurd and false.

Our changing age creates many difficulties for changing adolescents.

Adolescents of both sexes too often are practically unhampered in their comings and goings, their words and actions.

To live and work with children and adolescents is one of the finest of safeguards against old age.