Adonises [noun]

Definition of Adonises:

good-looking person

Synonyms of Adonises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adonises:

Sentence/Example of Adonises:

Peasants imagine themselves princes; Calibans believe themselves to be Adonises; beggars imagine themselves millionaires.

Blacksmiths are accustomed to being referred to as “sons of Vulcan,” and beautiful youths to being called “young Adonises.”

Adonises are very neat in habit, and the foliage is fine and interesting.

At least some of the delphiniums, papavers and adonises germinate very imperfectly, if at all, in direct light.

They are not Apollos, and Venuses, nor Adonises, that knock at painters' doors.

A long line of more or less successful Adonises have followed in his footsteps.