Adopted [verb]

Definition of Adopted:

choose or take something as one's own

Synonyms of Adopted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adopted:

Sentence/Example of Adopted:

In his childlike, impulsive fashion he had not thought of the future when he adopted Jean.

I have an adopted sister, six years older than myself, who married twelve years ago.

But consider what it will be when the system is adopted on a more comprehensive scale.

It looks very much as if the same policy adopted in the war of 1871-3 had been consciously followed.

Since it is well to have a definite standard, 7500 is generally adopted as the normal for the adult.

He appeared before the shareholders, offered, if his advice and methods were adopted, to guarantee double the then dividend.

Posing as a patriot King and boasting of his love for his adopted country, he ever remained at heart a Frenchman.

In some states he becomes the heir of the adopted parent like a natural child, with some limitations.

The child of Finnish sea-folk who had drifted to Brest and died there, she had been adopted by an old Breton sea-dog and his wife.

I am very glad you have succeeded with your portable steam-engine, and am persuaded they will be more and more adopted.