Adopting [verb]

Definition of Adopting:

choose or take something as one's own

Synonyms of Adopting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adopting:

Sentence/Example of Adopting:

The Sense, however, is alone as the first Fitbit to adopt an ECG sensor, bringing it up to speed with the new Apple Watch on that front.

For farms to adopt climate-friendly practices, they need restaurants that reward them for doing so.

New York adopted some of the toughest measures, and it now has the third-lowest per-capita case rate among the 50 states.

Even in normal circumstances, when people are not under stress, it is difficult to adopt AI tools into a process and make sure it’s all properly regulated.

The networks may benefit from more people having adopted streaming this year and the people who canceled their pay-TV subscriptions looking to subscribe to streamers offering TV programming.

None of these are, in and of themselves, good reasons to adopt the technology, Inam says.

See how a big trend like remote work can affect both the SEO agency and a possible customer that had to adopt it.

He decided to adopt a holistic method of managing his ranch, working with the ecosystem of the natural grasslands to increase yields without fertilizer.

How they’ll handle the report is unclear — as is whether they’ll have enough votes to adopt policies to rein him in.

Organizations are recognizing the rapid shift and answering the challenge by adopting chatbots and other AI tools to gather information, classify and route customer cases, and solve routine issues.