Adoptions [noun]

Definition of Adoptions:

choosing or taking something as one's own

Synonyms of Adoptions:

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Sentence/Example of Adoptions:

While there are hurdles to wide adoption, there is no reason Neuralink couldn’t push into these areas in the future.

TikTok “hasn’t really been a place where we’ve seen a lot of growth and adoption from a performance standpoint,” Scarborough said.

Coronado’s director of student support services, Niamh Foley, confirmed no such adoption was being made, but some changes are happening in the short and long term.

As McKinsey puts it, we have “covered a decade in days” as far as the adoption of digital goes.

She was moved to share her experience after unearthing mementos in her apartment, including a 1964 letter from a man who thanked her for arranging the adoption of his newborn son, leading her to virtually track down the adoptee, now in his mid-50s.

In order for a contact tracing app to work, it needs widespread adoption.

In June, leaders of San Diego’s neighborhood planning groups unanimously asked for more time to review the parks plan that some say is moving too quickly toward adoption.

Otter and his colleagues documented the adoption of the western song at a research station in eastern Canada.

At the same time, their intricate design credentials like the adoption of large lateen yards, angular positioning of the masts, and longer prows made them speedier and more maneuverable than the bulky warships of the period.

So the obstacle to more widespread adoption of time banking has been the administration, because you need a person in each community who is tabulating and keeping track of transactions.