Adorations [noun]

Definition of Adorations:

intense love

Synonyms of Adorations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adorations:

Sentence/Example of Adorations:

While the subjective ranking is more art than science, the list is an indicator of who and what is soaking up readers’ attention and adoration.

His attitude became one of good-humored subservience and tacit adoration.

Her father first received her to his arms in 1754, and she became the object of his painful and most passionate adoration.

The consciousness of the presence of God, the adoration of his being, became a passion of her soul.

From our earliest infancy he inspired us, not so much with love as with respect and adoration.

An immense number of pilgrims come here every year to pay their adoration to this divine tooth.

Pray reserve some, at least, of your transports for the object of universal adoration.

But to return to the important part of our subject: There is no civilized nation which does not render public adoration to God.

No one, even at the time of fervour for romanticism, had more respect and adoration for the great masters than Baudelaire.

Here was truly a sacrilegious adoration; yet we are not told that it excited discontent.