Adorers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Adorers:

Since then I have made the acquaintance of the Abb Coignard, and have become a faithful adorer.

He was Jess's most humble adorer, but his grief was that she would never look at him if Davey was looking at her.

Indiana was handed out by her new adorer, the young baronet; and Eugenia was assisted by her new assailer, the young nobleman.

The enthusiastic lawyer refused all promotion, and became a quite pious adorer of this angel of grace and beauty.

The enraged girl, now maddened with fury, laid her hands on the neck of her adorer, as if about to strangle him.

Pardonable curiosity caused Mistress Charity to venture a little nearer to the soot-covered figure of her adorer.

If your adorer happens to fancy a certain shade of hair, don't color bleach yours to oblige him.

That's the manner in which one of Washington's dusky damsels put it to her adorer last evening.

The two sexes had to be thus profoundly dissimilar, foreign, opposite, for one to become the other's adorer.

But he was no more attentive to this particular adorer than to any one else, which intensified Dick Harrington's "case."