Adores [verb]

Definition of Adores:

love intensely

Synonyms of Adores:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adores:

Sentence/Example of Adores:

Irene adored Michelle, and when we married eight years later, Irene sat at my family’s table.

Kai also adores animals, so he started walking a neighbor’s dog — the highlight of his day.

I wanted to BE Wonder Woman, because that meant I could be adored by her love interest, Steve Trevor.

All Weimar adores him, and people say that women still go perfectly crazy over him.

She adores him, but her standard of perfection is so exalted few can attain it.

My heart adores that title and disdains any other; tell me how this Divine Love is nourished, how it works, how it purifies.

What but a man who adores God alone, who loves God above all things, who reposes all his trust and confidence in God?

It loves the fig-trees with nothing but leaves; it adores the stat magni nominis umbra.

I shall always love her as you love her, as a peasant kneels and adores an ideal among the shadows and the candles.

"Fred simply adores baked beans," Dolly murmured, parenthetically, hanging on her sister's words.