Adoringly [adverb]

Definition of Adoringly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Adoringly:


Sentence/Example of Adoringly:

Sheba was presiding, and both men were looking at her flushed cheeks adoringly.

Blindly and adoringly Billy had followed her until her departure from the Gray House.

"None till evening," again holding out her hand—and again smiling him into kissing it adoringly.

By her side a logy youth, with small, blue fish-eyes fixed adoringly on her, sauntered protectingly.

Kut-le, who had been watching her adoringly, rose and came to her side.

Jim was on his knees, staring at her adoringly, and holding both her hands.

Wagging its tail till its whole body wagged, it flung itself adoringly at its master's trousers, pawing and wriggling in ecstasy.

The Child told the Lady everything, standing down under the picture and looking up at it adoringly.

St. George brought a deck cushion and tucked it in the willow steamer chair and said adoringly that he would have tea.

For she, girl-like, had fallen dumbly and adoringly in love with this beautiful stranger but a few years her senior.