Adorning [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Adorning:

Jansoulet adorning himself with Jenkins's ribbon might very well have been guilty of illegality.

The adorning of themselves was for this express and particular end.

Thomas, being summoned, proved to be a tall lad possessing an honest and ingratiating smile, adorning a fair and open countenance.

I amused myself in adorning them with all the charms of the sex I had always adored.

He is here, adorning, by a life of severe simplicity and divine benevolence, the doctrine he has espoused.

An ostentatious vulgarity is too much the rule in constructing and adorning the dwelling, and a Christian taste is the exception.

And now, miracle of miracles, there it was in his hand with his own monogram adorning its back cover.

He spent his estate in adorning it, and his death was probably hastened by his anxieties.

Jean was about to emulate her twin by similarly adorning the white stockings upon her slim little legs.

In Troilus and Criseyde the poet invokes Venus as the adorning light of the third heaven.