Adornments [noun]

Definition of Adornments:

decorating, enhancing

Synonyms of Adornments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adornments:

Sentence/Example of Adornments:

These adornments were of course for Sunday wear; no weekday clothes were worn on Sundays then.

This picture, and the portrait of Anton Rubinstein, remained for a long while the only adornments of his walls.

That was an axiom on which was founded a vigorous war against all capillary adornments.

Nor does this enumeration exhaust the comforts and adornments of which the establishment could boast.

But without the coral set I should not have been able to go; for, as you know, I had no adornments.

The girl differs from the mother only in being painted with divers floral ornaments in lieu of the astronomical adornments.

Old tales were repeated over and over, with adornments and improvements suggested by immediate events.

It was a noble room in its dimensions and in all its unparalleled adornments and appurtenances.

They were as the old-time warriors of the king—with flowing war adornments and crested headgear and great tufted shields.

They were a good bit got up, and wore feather adornments and tufts of cow-tails round leg and arm.