Adorns [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Adorns:

They would fall off in forsaken fragments from the great bond of union which now adorns and beautifies all society.

Come to our aid then; the morning of our Redemption from degradation, adorns the horizon.

The head of the Virgin is veiled, a necklace of pearls adorns her person, and her hands are extended in prayer.

But she died in giving birth to the Lucy Barton whose name still, unless I am mistaken, adorns our literature.

We believe that one plate had survived; and it now adorns, in the character of a monument, the ladys drawing-room wall!

All that is variegated in marbles adorns the altars; all that is bewitching in paintings is transferred to mosaics.

There the husband is forbidden to tear out one white hair which adorns Outahagi, his wife's head.

The wonders of creating power are seen in every thing, even in the hair that adorns our surface.

No alluring jingle of belted accouterment goes with him, no gift of deadly humor adorns his equally deadly gun-play.

Her portrait adorns the sign-post of a house of entertainment in Norwood, called the Gipsy-House.