Ads [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ads:

About th' time Hogan got th' flower-pot, th' fire-sale ads an' th' Rooshyan outrage news both stopped in th' newspa-apers.

We're a sad lot iv old la-ads, hatin' th' school, but hatin' th' grajation exercises aven more.

Finally, he picked up the newspaper from where he'd dropped it and began turning back to the want ads.

Company information at bottom of each ad page was reduced to one placement at the end of the ads.

Look after the ads, said my Mother, and the acts will take care of themselves.

The captain drops his point, and stares a moment, and then cries 'Ads my life!

Watch 'em on the cars any morning and you'll see them studying the ads.

Ads Heart, Madam, you won't leave me just in the Nick, will you?

We had lots of ads from the tradespeople at Gresham and a few from Richmond firms, enough to pay for the printing.

He was passing the public library at the moment and was moved to go in and look up the "want ads" in the papers.