Adulterations [noun]

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Formerly, when a commodity was adulterated, it could be returned, and the courts became sorely troubled to defend an adulteration.

Commercial dealings took the most questionable forms: adulteration of products went on unchecked by any qualms of honesty.

This adulteration no doubt was one cause of its losing its well established reputation.

Probably the food which suffers most from adulteration is milk, as water can be added without the average person being the wiser.

But for the most part the acts do not impose upon district councils themselves Adulteration.

But the superiority of English wool, even as late as 1438, is proved by the laws of Barcelona forbidding its adulteration.

A large, nay, a most extensive adulteration of flour with plaster of Paris was detected not many years since.

Soap is subject to another kind of adulteration called filling, or weighting.

Flour, terra alba, alum, and chalk are the chief ingredients used in the adulteration of cream of tartar.

Wholesale adulteration of foods and medicines was permitted.