Adulthoods [noun]

Definition of Adulthoods:

physical maturity and strength of adult male or female

Synonyms of Adulthoods:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adulthoods:

Sentence/Example of Adulthoods:

He tells her about his divorce from his ex-wife, his two adult sons.

Their computers spent nearly 9,000 hours running equations, and their model, published in August as a preprint, shows that if there is only a low supply of vaccine at first, older adults should be prioritized if the goal is to reduce deaths.

One 16-year-old told police it was “obvious” she and a friend who met Erasquin were not adults.

The only thing successful about Thursday’s news conference, Kimmel argued, was the fact that it did not take place in the parking lot next to an adult shop.

In that way it’s like learning a language—children can assimilate the game’s complex rules and action much more intuitively and quickly than an adult.

Booster seats raise up children so that they can use vehicle seat belts designed for adults.

Its mission is to reduce homelessness among LGBTQ young adults in the Dallas area.

The results of Oxford’s phase 2 study show that the vaccine is better tolerated in older people and produces a similar immune response in old and young adults.

Becky Morales, an EL teacher at York, is one of those adults.

An adult in the classroom can help them log into their ­classes and keep them on track during independent work.