Adults [noun]

Definition of Adults:

a mature, fully grown person

Synonyms of Adults:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adults:

Sentence/Example of Adults:

Three immatures were collected and adults were seen feeding young fledglings at Pisté.

No young Cave Swallows were taken and gonads of adults were in various stages of reproductive activity.

Many adults, it is said, hardly have a rudiment of this feeling, pairing the most fiercely antagonistic tints.

This was why we resolved, at the time of our arrival, not to baptize any adults unless they were previously well catechized.

Many adults assume that a child can look at a landscape as they look at it, taking in the whole picturesque effect.

Children, like uneducated adults, have been known to take a spectacle on the stage of a theatre too seriously.

There are sentimental children, as there are sentimental adults, who seem never happier than when the tears are ready to start.

In Africa the ova, and even adults, of Distoma hmatobium are common, accompanying "Egyptian hematuria."

Nine lusty-lunged adults in that one room prohibited confidential speech.

Several children and adults were inoculated from the arm of William Pead.