Adumbrations [noun]

Definition of Adumbrations:

evidence, clue

Synonyms of Adumbrations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adumbrations:

Sentence/Example of Adumbrations:

She would give things to the girls—he had a private adumbration of that; expensive Parisian, perhaps not perfectly useful, things.

What was subconscious became conscious, what, back in the past, was a mere adumbration gloried out in Aurora splendours.

There seems to be little adumbration of the dark marginal lines of asper in populations from the lower Mississippi River drainage.

However, the soul evidently gave a form to this adumbration from the very beginning of things.

Our present life, in which we are not united with the divinity, is only a trace or adumbration of real life.

It is at no time severed from reality; it is never its mere adumbration, nor are its contents mere phenomena.

There is no explanation, for instance, in calling beauty an adumbration of divine attributes.

Here has been seen an adumbration of natural selection: he himself admits the difficulty he has in making it clear.

What a curious adumbration of similar proceedings within the memory of many still living!

Nor do we for a moment believe that the waywardness of a genius or a prophet in boyhood is always a significant adumbration.