Advancements [noun]

Definition of Advancements:

promotion, progress

Synonyms of Advancements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advancements:

Sentence/Example of Advancements:

In these financial and political advancements Corinne helped but little.

With almost monotonous regularity the daily record was now of continued Allied advancements and enemy defeats.

The study and application of these conditions created great advancements in gas engines.

There had been only the vaguest of rumors that startling radio advancements had been made by War Department engineers.

Yet he was invariably acquainted with the latest scientific discoveries and other advancements of knowledge.

The only show of excitement, as he made these successive advancements, was the rising of some part of his plumage.

Socialism, to my mind, means the overthrow of all the advancements of the past one hundred years or more.

There were alternate advancements and retrogressions; yet we see a people with energy, rising in spite of their hindrances.

But all this is no reason why you shouldn't try and live up to the splendid advancements of your age.

The Jupiterites have displayed their highest genius in their astronomical advancements.