Advantageously [adverb]

Definition of Advantageously:

most excellently

Synonyms of Advantageously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advantageously:


Sentence/Example of Advantageously:

The Wizards can initiate dramatic change or be forced to do so at a less advantageous time.

Such shrinking may be the result of less available food on an island, making smaller bodies more advantageous.

In that case, ancient humans new to the region’s thin air may have acquired advantageous genetic traits for that environment by mating with resident Denisovans.

They do not develop advantageous traits, which would require growth and division.

Animals could evolve only as fast as advantageous genes could arise and spread, and as existing genomes could be reshuffled through sexual reproduction.

Peruvian guano is most advantageously applied as a top-dressing to young corn and particularly to oats.

But they are little used as manures, as they can generally be more advantageously employed for feeding.

It is a useful absorbent of liquid manure, and may be advantageously added to the dung-heap for that purpose.

In the last Act a good deal of gunpowder is burned advantageously to the simplification of the issue.

That which one missed might be advantageously secured by the other, and it was to their interest to meet and converse.