Advantages [noun]

Definition of Advantages:

benefit, favored position or circumstance

Opposite/Antonyms of Advantages:

Sentence/Example of Advantages:

But with all her advantages Miss Solomonson failed with the old lord, and she abuses him to this day.

They feel that the system has few advantages to offer in return for the cost it entails upon them.

The advantages and the drawbacks, if any, of the system may here be seen and judged of by all who are interested in the matter.

Visitors of Distinction in the old Soho days, were not at all rare, though they had not the advantages of travelling by rail.

I could never forego them, or forego the expense they involved, for the sake of future distant advantages.

I do not think the advantages to be gained by the change are worth the evils of the struggle.

Obvious advantages also attend this practice in soils which are either too heavy or too light.

Nor did it enter the thoughts of either of these young folks that the material advantages offered to Dorothy would be very great.

Olinda partook of all these advantages, and was itself the best built and most populous town in Brazil.

That high-pressure engines owed their advantages mainly to a reduction of the relative importance of this latent heat.