Advents [noun]

Definition of Advents:

beginning or arrival of something anticipated

Synonyms of Advents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advents:

Sentence/Example of Advents:

Not only that, but the advent of mobile brings even more pieces to the puzzle.

The advent of state-backed digital currencies is also fraught with geopolitical significance.

In 45 states, the advent of September means it’s time to focus on the general election.

It’s clear stock splits have fallen out of favor in recent years, especially with the advent of fractional shares—a practice that has become increasingly common and popular on trading apps like Robinhood.

Though some fear that the advent of self-driving trucks could put thousands of people out of a job, proponents of the technology make the opposite argument, citing a shortage of drivers that’s causing truckers to be overworked.

Aroomoogan says the advent of ultra-large language models in the past few years has enabled Accern to rapidly accelerate the capabilities of its own NLP tools.

With the advent of steamboats in the early 1800s, Cincinnati became an important river port, and continued to grow steadily from that time.

The advent of the coronavirus and ensuing shelter-in-place orders have meant that people have a lot more free time at home than they once did, and they are turning to video games to help fill the void.

The stability brought forth by Pompey possibly ushered in the advent of new construction projects, including the building of new walls for protecting the city.

But his eyes and ears were alert, and he was the first to hear the advent of a large body of horses along the main road.