Adventured [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Adventured:

After this, he adventured upon the last experiment, which was to turn her out of the yard to graze into the forest.

We turned our backs upon the river, and for weeks and months adventured in that wilderness where there were no Folk.

It is true; but it is interesting to observe how the way thus adventured upon has grown crowded.

Note the incident when launched upon his peroration, carefully prepared and perilously adventured upon.

All men know that he has adventured within the limits of conspiracy; that could not be for his benefit.

And so he adventured it, walking slowly toward them, and taking care that they should notice him.

In his search for the treasures of romance, Stevenson adventured freely enough into the realm of the supernatural.

If I have adventured in a new world of common things, have you not lingered in the old world of great and impossible things?

The first who adventured was Alonso de Hojeda, a native of Cuenca.

He had adventured in blossoms before to the torment of his heart and head.