Adventuring [verb]

Definition of Adventuring:

take a chance

Opposite/Antonyms of Adventuring:

Sentence/Example of Adventuring:

The idea of recreating women’s adventures came to Wortley, a Brit who’s now 30, while reading My Journey to Lhasa at 16 years old.

I wasn’t sure of the role-playing adventure direction this series was taking, but because it was Egypt, I was able to enjoy most of its new ideas.

Giant squids are fantastical creatures that live in the crushing depths of the ocean and are rarely seen except in adventure books.

Drawing on her love of adventure and her psychology background, she saw an opportunity to fill a void.

Lastly, the Diverge is ready to be transformed into an adventure bike.

We can’t all be like Carlo Devito, who over the summer sold his Hudson-Chatham winery in New York’s Hudson River Valley and set out on a cross-country wine adventure.

Youth knows about play, and adventures, and having this fresh openness towards what life offers.

Keeping a journal, taking photos or videos, or making art about your adventure can make it less lonely, even if no one’s with you at the time.

In reality, the decision was made over time, a culmination of concern for animal rights and environmentalism, coupled with what felt like a primal draw toward an ancient tradition and a new adventure.

Burkard has been making adventure films for a long time, and you’ll recognize his epic cinematography here.