Adverbs [noun]

Definition of Adverbs:

word modifying a verb

Synonyms of Adverbs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adverbs:


Sentence/Example of Adverbs:

And it is accordingly by adverbs, and accessory adjectives, that the degrees of comparison are expressed.

But I would rather be looney that-a-way than to have as much sense as King Solomon and all his adverbs.

The numerals of the language are converted into adverbs by the inflection ing, making one, once, &c.

In Japanese adverbs are formed by suffixing ni and to, like the English ly and French ment.

But excepting a few, the whole class of words, denominated adverbs, can be resolved into other parts of speech.

Phrases consisting of a preposition and a neuter adjective are common, and have the force of adjectives or adverbs.

I like luxuriously and magnificently: these two adverbs joined together sound admirably.

And as our forefathers treated their adverbs we still treat many adjectives.

The former uses, for example, adjectives instead of adverbs; the latter uses adverbs instead of adjectives.

Note, this unusual enjambement; but the mente of adverbs still has largely the force of a separate word.