Adversaries [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Adversaries:

Distances were to him as nothing; and difficulties only stimulated him to give his adversaries a more signal overthrow.

He made a violent assault against the nation of his enemies, and in the descent he destroyed the adversaries.

As unto revenge, as it were to repay wrath to his adversaries, and a reward to his enemies: he will repay the like to the islands.

The Girondists had recently been called in the journals and inflammatory speeches of their adversaries the Rolandists.

But the dominant party, elated by the victory which they had gained over their adversaries, were encouraged to fresh extortions.

This was the gory blade which they waved before their adversaries, and called the sword of justice.

There was an appreciable instance of silence, and each of the adversaries could hear the loud beating of his own heart.

Now Simon, the brother of Judas, had joined battle with Nicanor: but was frightened with the sudden coming of the adversaries.

Take this holy sword, a gift from God, wherewith thou shalt overthrow the adversaries of my people Israel.

It was evident that he was not pursued, but had put the door, so luckily left open by the duke, between him and his adversaries.