Adversities [noun]

Definition of Adversities:

bad luck, situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Adversities:

Sentence/Example of Adversities:

Persons who have themselves experienced trials have more compassion for the adversities of others.

The people blame themselves for the disasters and the adversities which they endure continually.

The words of Hagar ought also to be regarded as indicative of pious resignation of spirit amidst the adversities of life.

The adversities of his family and the misfortunes of his country have had most useful effects upon his character.

Let us follow God's commandments, and do unto others as we would they should do unto us, and be patient under all adversities.

There is no order so holy, nor place so secret, as that there be not temptations, or adversities in it.

The old amiable submission to adversities had given place to an expression of petulance, of resentment, of cunning, of cowardice.

She cherishes and consoles her afflicted husband through all the adversities of his destiny and the consequences of his faults.

The more we amplify our need and our possession, so much the more do we expose ourselves to the blows of Fortune and adversities.

Humboldt further says that the faith of Columbus soothed his dreary and weary adversities by the charm of ascetic reveries.