Advertised [adjective]

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Moreover, TikTok recently launched new ways to advertise on the app, giving brands more opportunities to attract customers.

Going on television, that would be a waste of money because you’ll be advertising your premium wax to a whole load of people who aren’t at all interested in surfing.

She was looking to advertise high-priced products in order to build a retargeting list of higher value customers.

Bars, restaurants and other non-essential businesses have closed, forcing marketers to reconsider how much they should be advertising to reach a population in lockdown.

The events, which were advertised beforehand, took the form of neighborhood block parties, barbecues, or marches to the polls, and included food, family-friendly entertainment, dance troupes, face painting, and games, per Green.

These are particularly pressing questions for gaming developers and publishers — and also the brands that advertise in those environments, even if they’re not in the gaming space themselves.

Some Americans are dining or working out indoors again, assured by the many hygiene precautions advertised by places like restaurants and gyms.

Some advertisers choose to advertise against NFL and college football games not only because of the large number of people that tune into the games but also because of when the games air.

It added that the company will extend its “paid partnership” tool to all users, so they can clearly label posts that are essentially advertising.

Réard advertised his swimsuit as “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.”