Advertisers [noun]

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Social networks changed the way we promote products and even gave us new ways to advertise.

We’re going to see that we sell more lotion in the winter when we also advertise more.

Microsoft Advertising is here to provide you with additional insights on how to advertise during a retail holiday season unlike any other.

She then attempted to open new Associate accounts and continued to advertise the counterfeit items on social media, where she directed her followers to her own website for purchases, as well as to other e-commerce sites.

Some car manufacturers in India have recently started advertising that they can make their car horns extra loud for you.

Hims, a male-focused self-care startup, is advertising its anti-hair-loss products through the power of Austin Powers stills on Instagram.

The plan is to be entirely advertising dependent and sell to Axios’ roster of national advertisers who want to better reach local audiences.

The coalition, which calls itself Marylanders for Tax Fairness, describe the tax as a poorly timed initiative that would ultimately hurt small businesses that advertise online.

Some companies like Lego stopped advertising on Facebook, but they are still buying ads on Facebook-owned Instagram.

Google is already operating this way, as they know your name and Gmail address, and so they can tie all communications, analytics, and advertising back to actual people.