Advertises [verb]

Definition of Advertises:

publicize for the purpose of selling or causing one to want

Opposite/Antonyms of Advertises:

Sentence/Example of Advertises:

In the neighbourhood of the theatre is a restaurant which advertises a good dinner at two oclock.

A man or firm advertises to teach by correspondence at so much a month.

Between ourselves, I took lessons of a lady who advertises to teach ease and elegance to those unaccustomed to society.

A good-sized diamond's the obvious sort of thing: advertises itself for what it is, and that's what we want.

She applied at an underwear factory which constantly advertises, in an East Side Jewish paper, for operatives.

It is the indication to the people whose eyes it meets of the work of the house it advertises.

However, when you feel you must have a doctor, go to your family physician and not to a strange doctor who advertises.

If she has a way with her skirts that always advertises me of her presence, quite possibly she is as cunning with jackets.

Mr Dixon advertises, as his next forthcoming work, a history of our prisons.

When they are working they make a terrible din, and a Zeppelin thus advertises his approach.