Advertisings [noun]

Definition of Advertisings:

public notice of sale; notices to increase consumer desire

Synonyms of Advertisings:

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Sentence/Example of Advertisings:

That’s recurring revenue we never historically had in advertising.

Cosindas is one of many parents in advertising scrambling to figure out how to manage work and their child’s education as the school year begins.

“There is more money in advertising than we thought going into this,” said Doctor.

The company completed a rebuild of its ad server in the second quarter, which should set it up to further grow its ad business in the following quarters — particularly direct-response advertising, which it plans to rev up in 2020 and beyond.

The advertising market has been crushed, with layoffs, furloughs and cutbacks felt across the industry.

Lieberman wants brand advertising to represent 50% of Morning Brew’s revenue by the end of next year.

“The opportunity for Upday is attracting more advertising and taking a bigger part of the revenue pie,” said Würtenberger.

This forced many brands to rethink their advertising plans to avoid advertising for an item if they couldn’t fulfill the order.

That’s especially valuable for small businesses that lack large advertising budgets.

Last month, eMarketer revised its 2020 projections for the digital advertising market, down from a 17% increase year over year to a 1% increase, Perrin said.