Adverts [verb]

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The complex system of RTB can use people’s sensitive personal data to serve adverts and requires people’s explicit consent, which is not happening right now.

So, this commitment to tackle hidden adverts and overhaul the way people post on Instagram—making it difficult for users to ignore the law—is a welcome step forward.

Right from the start, Vivaldi blocks all web trackers and online ads, but you can tweak these settings and allow adverts on sites you want to support—like Popular Science, for example.

As an instance of explicit references made to the duty, we may advert to the blessing of Moses on the tribe of Levi.

Before, however, I begin a new chapter and with it the above-mentioned sketch, I should like to advert to a few other matters.

Having detained you so long with these observations, I must yet advert to another most interesting topic,--the Free Schools.

Notwithstanding the faults to which we have found it necessary to advert, Sarah was unquestionably a great character.

But now to advert to the hypothetical case of the virtuous family receiving a visit from a few select friends.

But first of all, let me advert to one or two cases where divinity is ascribed without progenitorship.

It eased Lady Agnes a little to advert to the mystery when she could have the air of not having begun.