Advisers [noun]

Definition of Advisers:

person who recommends, teaches, or otherwise helps

Synonyms of Advisers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advisers:


Sentence/Example of Advisers:

It was naturally expected that the confidential advisers of the Crown would propose something.

In general, your resolution will be weakened, your feelings re-excited, your confidence in your best advisers will be shaken.

These indiscreet advisers brought matters to extremes, so that Andrea was strangled in 1345.

Congress and (p. 139) political advisers in Washington demanded that Burnside should move somewhere.

Had Charles or his advisers cherished any hostile feelings against the Company, there was now a good opportunity of showing it.

The lady, rejoicing in powerful friends and advisers, defied the Bishop and all his works.

"I shall be ready to meet her or her advisers at any time," he remarked.

The king spoke to one of his advisers, who abruptly left the room.

He had a stormy time with his advisers and tools, swore a great deal, and sent them off in anything but a pleasant frame of mind.

Charles expressed, and probably felt, profound disgust with his former advisers, and knew not whom to trust.