Advisors [noun]

Definition of Advisors:

person who recommends, teaches, or otherwise helps

Synonyms of Advisors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advisors:


Sentence/Example of Advisors:

The head of Business and Manufacturing declined to bring any of his advisors.

To dissolve the committee seemed to Susan and her closest advisors the wisest procedure.

His skill is needed to defend Lady Mason against a charge of perjury, much to the distaste of her Christian advisors.

After long consultation with his chief advisors, Bacon decided to destroy the town.

The departure of Berry and Moryson deprived Jeffreys of his staunchest friends and advisors.

His Excellency the Governor and his advisors have thus shown their utter inability to understand the economic needs of the island.

Knowing how they are done, you can be expert advisors as to how the wrong things can be prevented.

It was revenge which hurried the governor and his advisors on without regard to the people's safety.

Most of my advisors—even Ggaran here—thought it couldn't be done, but I never doubted that you'd manage it.

William, like most English sovereigns before him, had chosen his advisors from among all parties.