Advocacies [noun]

Definition of Advocacies:

support for an idea or cause

Synonyms of Advocacies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Advocacies:

Sentence/Example of Advocacies:

As a result of these groups’ efforts, elected Republicans are confronted with messaging and advocacy that paint the electorate as more conservative than it really is.

People conceived through donor insemination are matching with half-siblings, tracking down their donors, forming networks and advocacy organizations.

A crop of families, doctors and advocacy groups have advocated for an expansion in visitation, citing isolation that can trigger a decline in health.

Environmental advocacy groups think the city is low-balling itself from the get-go.

The road to the ruling confirming that belief involved years of advocacy and many losses – and while this decision is a landmark in that effort, more legal work remains to be done to determine the full scope of LGBTQ workers’ rights.

The project is both possible and prudent, a team of independent experts at two Switzerland-based firms, EvalueScience and advocacy.

Fortunately through my years, of this advocacy, I have a person.

Organizations like the American Pain Foundation and the American Pain Society, advocacy groups that received funding from — I hope this doesn’t shock you — from pharmaceutical companies, like Purdue, which makes OxyContin.

His strong advocacy of Jefferson's agrarian program gained him a reading audience of farmers as well as statesmen.

I see and hear no advocacy of Socialism whose burden is not the uplift of humanity.