Advocated [verb]

Definition of Advocated:

support idea or cause publicly

Opposite/Antonyms of Advocated:

Sentence/Example of Advocated:

Labor advocates say they’ve long heard whispers about child labor, but whenever they try to dig deeper, nobody wants to talk.

Some advocates who aren’t fond of Faulconer’s proposed contract terms applauded the move.

In Bronzaft’s work as an advocate for New York citizens, she’s dealt with all sorts of noise complaints.

Her decade-long project documenting the bonds between Samburu people and wildlife in northern Kenya reverses this oversight, telling the story of how Samburu people became advocates for wild animals and their habitat.

Amazon -owned Ring devices have long been under scrutiny of privacy advocates.

Even the board’s control of the budget might not be as significant as advocates are expecting, according to an expert, and experiences in other counties across the state under similar circumstances.

It’s a significant victory for self-described “good government” advocates, although critics said the amendment doesn’t go far enough because party leaders will still have lots of control over the process.

For labor advocates, it was about the precariousness of a growing economic class of workers.

Some candidates were backed by the teachers union and are advocates for neighborhood schools in a city where most children do not attend their assigned boundary school and nearly half go to charter schools.

Even if Lummis emerges as an advocate for cryptocurrency in the Senate, the fast-growing crypto industry still faces significant regulatory headwinds.