Advocating [verb]

Definition of Advocating:

support idea or cause publicly

Opposite/Antonyms of Advocating:

Sentence/Example of Advocating:

The District has so far managed to avoid a second spike in cases at nursing homes, a feat that industry advocates attribute in large part to regular, government-funded testing for all employees, industry advocates say.

Disabilities advocates say putting children in seclusion rooms is inhumane and causes lasting trauma, though some school officials say they need the option to educate students with significant behavioral challenges.

Akilah Richards, host of the podcast, “Fare of the Free Child,” and leading advocate in the self-directed education movement, said something on an episode that shook the ground for me.

As many betting and prediction market advocates claim, the value of using betting odds to predict political outcomes stems from the fact that “odds are based on people placing real money on an actual prediction,” US-Bookies notes.

“In order to solve this problem, we need structural change, we need policy change,” said Andrea Downing, a security researcher and privacy rights advocate who started a nonprofit for supporting online health communities called the Light Collective.

Department officials say staff members routinely meet with community organizations and labor advocates who have more trusting relationships with vulnerable workers to learn whether other systemic issues are occurring but aren’t being reported.

For weeks, as coronavirus cases climbed, advocates pushed for a reduction in the detention population.

The panel will include Ting, as well as Director of the HRC Foundation’s Health and Aging Program Tari Hanneman, the film’s director Tania Cypriano, and other advocates featured in the film.

Issuing a proposal also requires the SEC to seek public comment and investor advocates would be expected to flood the agency with letters backing Clayton’s plan.

The awards for Service to the Self-Advocacy Movement will go to Outreach Director for Green Mountain Self-Advocates Max Barrows and a disability advocate and performing artist Teighlor McGee.