Adz [noun]

Definition of Adz:

large cutting tool

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Sentence/Example of Adz:

Adze, Adz, adz, n. a carpenter's tool consisting of a thin arched blade with its edge at right angles to the handle.

This is generally done with an instrument of bone, cut something in the shape of a small adz, with a serrate edge.

It was a dugout or canoe, made by hollowing with axe and adz a section of a cucumber tree.

Figure 16 represents the only adz or gouge form implement found.

From this fête he returned eagerly to his work, with saw, hammer and adz, at Zaandam.

At such times he made what was in the nature of a spring for the door, explaining later that he had been to sharpen his adz.

Let your meal be so hard trod in your cask that you shall need an adz or hatchet to work it out with.

The thick cuttings from a wedge-shaped wood-working tool, as from an axe or adz.

When a whaling-captain hove in sight I just rested on my adz awhile and "gammed" with him.

I used to feed the chief well and one day I told him Ed had stolen my adz.