Adze [noun]

Definition of Adze:

shaping tool

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Sentence/Example of Adze:

Adze, Adz, adz, n. a carpenter's tool consisting of a thin arched blade with its edge at right angles to the handle.

They had not been an hour on shore before one man had an axe stolen from him and another an adze.

The crack of the inspector's revolver was heard once, but the fugitive had turned like lightning and hurled his adze.

This adze blade is of jade, and I am told that it represents "the price of a fat man for cannibal purposes."

Then a sharp tool was seen to descend in the opening—apparently an adze—and the hound's head sunk under the blow.

He sailed from England, and arrived safely at Porto de la Plata, where he took an adze and assisted his men to build a large boat.

What would be thought of the law which compelled a shipwright on all occasions to use a chisel, and never to employ the adze.

See here; first split the log fair in the middle; then hollow the flat side with the adze.'

The Yankee took the adze from his hand before he could speak, and set about hollowing troughs very rapidly.

The tool used for this purpose is the rembe, a kind of adze.