Adzes [noun]

Definition of Adzes:

large cutting tool

Synonyms of Adzes:

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Sentence/Example of Adzes:

Nowhere, again, do we find graves containing bronze swords and iron axes and adzes.

All the guest men bring with them their spears, and perhaps adzes or clubs.

They carry their spears, and perhaps in their other hands their clubs or adzes.

There was a grand exchange of presents; hatchets, adzes, hooks and empty bottles on one side, and a pig and yams on the other.

In the later stone adzes holes are sometimes found pierced to receive the handles.

Here I saw a number of men busy with tiny native adzes upon some felled trees, shaping them into wooden rails.

A dozen men, at least, armed with native adzes, were hacking at the deck in as many different places.

They were constantly striking bolts and nails with their adzes and hatchets, blunting the edges.

A most instructive illustration is seen in the ceremonial adzes so numerous in museums (Fig. 356).

These stone axes and adzes are generally made of the hard volcanic rocks of this region.