Aegises [noun]

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Further, great mystery shrouds the particulars of their overthrow when the aegis of the Roman authority was withdrawn.

Ought you not to be in a home of your own with your mother, who loves you well enough to protect you with her aegis?

He had never contemplated the possession of power except under the aegis of some commanding chief.

She was like as if she would array a battle, with a spear in her hand, and a golden helmet, and the aegis about her shoulders.

The demonstration of 30th March and 6th April could have been held under any other aegis us under that of Satyagrah.

Under its aegis takes place the partial decay of the Ottoman Empire.

Under the aegis of the government, with the national treasury behind her, Dr. Baumer summoned the women of the Empire.

But swift-footed Iris came from aegis-bearing Jove, a messenger to the Trojans, with a woeful announcement.

On the other hand, the better Athenians throw their aegis over the better class in the allied cities.

As he mixed the wine, he prayed much and made drink offerings to Minerva, daughter of Aegis-bearing Jove.