Aeons [noun]

Definition of Aeons:

extent of time

Synonyms of Aeons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aeons:


Sentence/Example of Aeons:

After what seemed an aeon, they saw that it was daylight outside.

Don't you remember what happened to the passengers of the Aeon, when that steamer was wrecked on Christmas Island?

The Mesozoic time certainly terminated with the Cretaceous, and what follows belongs to a distinct aeon.

He himself hopes along with his followers to live to see the decisive turn of things, the dawn of the new and better aeon.

Given such a culture-hero, the common herd was capable of carrying on more or less mechanically for an aeon or so.

This victory inaugurates the entrance of the “aeon to come,” in which the faithful Jews would enter their inheritance.

For a moment, precious as an aeon, she held her hands upon me—then slowly opened her eyes.

And he says that this world (aeon) was constructed defectively by Dominions and Principalities of evil.

Eight years have elapsed since that day and this writing—an aeon in this rapidly moving Republic of ours.

An aeon might have elapsed since he had walked down the white marble of its aisle toward the crouching figure in the pew.